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Welcome to the projects area of Software and Code area of TRCY.  We hope to make this a good starting point of all robotics software needs.  It will showcase free ware and open source code from robot builds around the globe.  

Most of the software here is from my own collection of freeware and open source code along with code I have written for my own creations.  

I would like to invite all visitors of this site to submit their code, software or web links via e-mail to me at so I can post your code here.  No code is too small, no software is too big.  The more we share the more we can all learn!

As Always, Happy Roboting!

-Justin. Ratliff
President of
Owner of


Basic Stamp Based code and software:

PC Based code and software:


PIC code and software:


.Net (Visual Studio) VB.Net:

Visual Studio Express is a free download from Microsoft and incorporates Visual in it.  The .net (DotNet) framework from Microsoft provides a framework in which your application can access almost any Windows feature including, time clock, Media Player, the Internet, Instant messenger, Active Directory, text to speech, speech recognition, etc and a whole host of other applications.  Not only does it give you access these feature, but .net allows you to mix and match code and files from various programming languages.  For instance if someone writes and awesome face recognition application in C++ but you only know how to program in Java or Visual Basic, no problem, you can create what is called a "solution" for your program and attach that other code to your program to access it's features.

Another cool thing about Visual Studio with .net is when you test run an application or debug it, it complies the code for you in an .exe placed in the bin folder of your application directory.  So constantly have a ready made .exe you run or send to others.  To share your complete program with others they need only install the free .net framework installation from Microsoft's website.  It's very cool stuff.

in .Net you are only few lines of code from doing just about anything in the application you create.

If you are having a problem with a code segment and need help, shoot me an e-mail at, I'm sure I can help you. 


RoboRealm is free vision processing software from  It includes many wonderful filter modules which lets you filter an image for video feed for color, size and shape of objects.  It also allows for edge detects and motion tracking, just to name a few of it's growing list of feature. 

On of the best things about this software is it's link ability to other application.  You can call up the data it produces from image processing in other applications like your own program.  Using it's API interface you can command RoboRealm processes or call up data from it in other applications.  And using their Extensions interface you can expand what RoboRealm does.  And did I mention it's free! 

It's well support with forums and includes ready to use examples and interfaces for common robot kits like the Boe-Bot.  I'll be sharing some of my RoboRealm setups here soon.