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How do we power our monster?  Wally is going to use 2 12-volt lead acid batteries. 
We'll also talk about how to make your monster's main body here.
Download "Adventures in Robot Body Designs" (.pdf)



How about a new type of power supply?
The Aerogel Capacitor’s breakthrough low-resistance enables its use in pulse-power and electronic circuitry applications that other types of supercapacitors cannot address. For example, an Aerogel Capacitor in a “AA” size cylindrical package (listed below) can deliver up to 35 Amps of peak current. Compared to batteries, these devices can be:

• Used to deliver frequent pulses of energy without any detrimental effects or reduced life
• Charged very quickly and safely where batteries are damaged by fast charging
• Cycled hundreds of thousands of times without significant degradation in performance

Power your PC with 12 volt batteries:
Click here to view a circuit which allows you to produce the +12, -12, +5 and -5 needed to run a desktop PC. 

Self Charging for your Robot