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Below is some info on my first fighters:

When I built the first versions (as pictured below) I did not know what would happen when they were put in the same ring, but I had a feeling the Predator fighter would win and I was very much wrong.  In part because of design problems with the Predator that were only exposed during the fight.

A picture of both fighters in the ring with TRCY logo.

both.gif (32990 bytes) 

Helping Hand.gif (13748 bytes)

A picture of Jason giving the Defender a helping hand.

The problems with the Predator was that it was under powered and it also had sensor problems.  To keep it from going off the table it was giving a contact switch, when it did not make contact the robot would turn.  

This worked fine but the placement of the switch cause it to break in half.  The power problem was due to the fact that the drive motor was powered by 4 separate "C" batteries and the motor for the saw blade came from the main circuitry power.  

This caused the robot to "jump" when the other robot came close to it.  It's important to note that the Predator used a sensor to activate the spinning saw when an emitter on the Prey came closer to it.  This sensor was nothing fantastic, it was hacked from a hide and seek toy.   

Helping Foot.gif (27618 bytes)  

And a picture of Jason giving the Defender and helping foot.

This is Sir Dinadan and Sir Sagramore.  Dinadan on the left was controlled via one Basic Stamp1, while Sagramore was controlled by a Basic Stamp II.  Both of these robots died at the hands of Dennis Clark's Evil Empire robot. 

Both 10 18 99.jpg (52473 bytes)

Dinadan had 2 servo drive.  2 IR sensors for ring edge detection.  1 IR sensor for opponent detection.  2 kill switch sensors.  1 stationary arm with changeable weapons.  Controlled by a Basic Stamp 1.   

Sagramore had the same basic layout as Dinadan, but his arm was servo powered.  He was controlled by a BSII.  And had a servo positional motion sensor head for longer range opponent position detection.